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Choose Excellence and Experience in Your Cleaning Service


We value the trust you put in us each time we come into your home by honoring your space while providing you with the essential foundation for a clean home. 


Life keeps you busy, rushing from place to place and task to task. Get the sparkling clean home you want and the extra free time to relax by letting us work our cleaning and restoration magic.


You don’t want just anyone in your home to get the job done. Experience is important. You want the strong reputation in excellence and customer service Best Choice brings to every single job.


Our Services

Best Choice Cleaning and Restoration serves Sioux Falls and surrounding communities with joy and dedication. We offer the full range of cleaning and restoration from carpet and rugs to tile floors, water restoration, tile shower cleaning and sealing, dryer vent cleaning, upholstery cleaning, etc. At Best Choice, you will get a quick response, close attention to detail, solid work ethic, and a belief that the customer is priority number one.


Residential Carpet and Rug Cleaning


Best Choice uses the industry’s recommended method as taught by the IICRC. Our thorough, non-residue carpet cleaning process covers all the bases and leaves your carpet dry and ready for you to enjoy in just a few short hours. 


Many carpet cleaning companies will do a quick job with only one or two steps. As experts in our field and client satisfaction as our top priority, Best Choice carefully prepares your home or office to clean all exposed carpet. We even offer you help removing heavy items in order to get more area cleaned when you call us in advance. We also offer pre-vacuuming when needed. 


All of our products are safe for children and pets, as we treat spots and stains, pre-spraying the entire carpet with our top of the line cleansing formula. Our entire process ensures your carpet is not just clean. It is as good as new.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning


We know firsthand what a rough time commercial carpets can undergo. Hundreds of people walk in and out each day, coffee spills, and dust and grime settle in. Banks, hotels, restaurants and offices are just a few of the businesses we serve, and we’re proud to say we help their spaces shine. You can count on Best Choice to be thorough yet accommodating to your business hours. We come in after you close or before you open, and we use a low moisture system that has your carpets like new and ready to walk on upon completion. Brighten up your business instantly and be at ease knowing that an important job was done right and done well!

Your grout and tile, vinyl floors and laminate, are just as important as your carpet. Over time, dirt, food, drinks, and many other types of soil will become embedded in grout and other porous floor surfaces. Best Choice uses a residue-free cleaner that leaves your floors not only sparkling clean but also not slippery and sticky like you’ll get from other cleaners. Proper care of your flooring will prevent long term damage and extend its life, keeping it looking like new for years. 


Stripping and Waxing


Along with stripping and waxing, Best Choice Carpet Cleaning offers a complete floor coating system. A water-based urethane that produces high gloss finish in a single coat process, this product never requires buffing or burnishing and can be applied to numerous floor surfaces. It has no VOC’s (hazardous chemicals).  What it does have are anti-microbial qualities that inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold. You’ll find a reduction in maintenance costs with this product that is both non yellowing and environmentally friendly. We can apply either wax or coating to your floors, contact us for an estimate on either item.

Signs That Your Floor May Need to Be Stripped:

  • There are visibly worn traffic areas and the bare floor is becoming exposed through worn-away finish or sealer.

  • The finish has an obvious flaking or chipping.

  • The floor is no longer shiny and has dark shadowy areas.

  • Spills have stained the floor.

  • There is built-up wax on the floor. Built-up wax may look yellow or have gray or black patches.

Benefits of Coating

  • No Buffing or Burnishing

  • No Stripping or frequent recoating

  • Typical lifecycle of 18 to 24 months with little or no maintenance other than cleaning

  • Zero VOC’s (hazardous chemicals)

  • Inhibits mold and bacterial growth

  • Single coat coverage

  • High Gloss, satin or matte appearance

  • Hard, durable coating resists scratching and scuffing

  • Resists chemicals and stains

  • SCOF greater than 0.80 exceeds all ADA and OSHA standards for slip resistance

  • Significantly reduces waste of water, chemicals, energy, and buffing pads for better environmental stewardship

  • Greatly improves indoor air quality and reduces risk of cross contamination.

Best Choice Cleaning and Restoration specializes in professional water removal and drying services. We use the industry’s latest drying technology, which allows us to dry hardwood floors, walls and cabinets in place, causing less damage to your home or business. Whether a pipe breaks, a sump pump stops working, or another disaster occurs, we can handle any water damage restoration job, we are committed to providing the best quality service, and we look forward to proving ourselves to you today and everyday.


We hold the following IICRC certifications:

WRT (Water Restoration Technician), 

ASD (Applied Structural Drying)

Best Choice Carpet Cleaning offers you 2 types of sealing for your tile shower. 

The first option is to steam clean the shower, removing hard water deposits, soap scum, and any other dirt that may be present. We then apply a penetrating and protective sealer over the tile and grout. To help maintain your shower, you will need to wipe down your shower or dry it with a towel after every use. If you fail to wipe down your shower after each use, the grout between the tiles will breed mold and mildew, making an ugly, hard to clean mess. Then, minerals in your water will etch or pit the glaze on the surface of the tiles, making them impossible to clean as time goes on. Etching also occurs on your glass shower door (usually toward the bottom).

The alternative to this grueling process, is a revolutionary product with a 5+ year life span in your shower. It is nearly maintenance free; no more cleaning your shower with nasty chemicals and brushes or getting it steam cleaned only to have it quickly fall into disrepair again. It creates a truly clean, anti-microbial surface which means that no mold, mildew, or soap scum will stick to it. 

Once Best Choice Carpet Cleaning professionally applies this highly effective product, the surface will look so clean and have such a high sheen that it will appear slippery, when in fact it is not slippery at all. You can’t beat that kind of innovation!

Most vents should be cleaned every year, and professional Dryer Vent Cleaning is really the only solution. Best Choice Carpet Cleaning can help you. You will be amazed at the difference a clean dryer vent can make. It reduces your risk of a dryer fire, it drastically lowers your electric bills, your dryer will last longer with less need for repairs, and your clothes will dry faster with less lint residue. Did you know that a clogged dryer vent causes dryers to overheat? No one needs that kind of trouble. All dryers will run more efficiently with yearly dryer vent cleaning. Don’t put it off. The risks of a dryer fire are too high.

We’d love to hear from you!

About Best Choice

Call on the expert cleaners who care. Warm, friendly, and invested in building each other up, we offer our cleaning services to the Sioux Falls community with integrity, honor, and excellence. Together our team members thrill at the chance to fill the cleaning orders of the Sioux Falls community.


Best Choice Cleaning believes in a strong work ethic, a business you can trust, and clean spaces. Ryan and Chad are promoters of the golden rule making this partnership very valuable. As men of faith raising families they understand the hustle and bustle of life, how easy it is to let things slide, and how quickly we can forget what life and work is really all about: people. It is all, always, about people. We must treat each other the way we want to be treated, and if Best Choice Cleaning runs and operates on anything, it runs on this principle first and foremost. You simply will not find a company more intent on spreading joy everywhere it goes.

Sioux Falls Best Choice Staff Member

Ryan Van Donge


Ryan grew up in Northwest Iowa and moved to Sioux Falls to attend college.  He received a degree in Business Administration from Southeast Tech. Ryan has been an owner of Best Choice since 2006. He and his wife, Kari, have 3 children -Carter, Mya and Trey.

Sioux Falls Best Choice Staff Member

Chad Groen


Chad was born and raised in Sioux Falls where he attended SF Christian. He went on to become a radiologic technologist and he also has a strong background in construction. Chad joined Best Choice in 2018 and became co-owner in 2019. Chad and his wife, Erin, have 4 kids-Connor, Landon, Teegan and Kennady. Chad enjoys camping and boating with his family, and also loves to take his boys out to the Hills hunting.

Sioux Falls Best Choice Staff Member

Trevor Dorhout

Cleaning Technician

Trevor grew up on a farm just outside Hawarden, Iowa and attended Unity Christian High school. He married his wife Heather and moved up to Sioux Falls in the summer of 2016. Trevor joined Best Choice November of 2019. In his free time he likes to go fishing and golfing.

Connor Beem

I grew up in a small town North of Sioux Falls in baltic and graduated from there in 2016. Then moved to Rapid city and attended western Dakota tech then moved back to Sioux Falls to my apartment 2 years later. I enjoy working out, listening to music and being with friends and family.

Carter Haugan

Carter was born and raised in Sioux Falls where he attended Lincoln High School. Carter joined Best Choice in July of 2021. In his free time he enjoys reading, working out, and spending time with friends.


Lari Kooi

Best Choice is by far the best carpet cleaners we have ever had. They are prompt, friendly, helpful and do a fantastic job cleaning. We wouldn’t call anyone else! Way to go guys!

Lari Kooi

Tim Karels

I called Best Choice on a Sunday night with the expectation that they wouldn’t answer and I’d have to leave a voicemail. To my surprise, I received an answer and got a scheduled cleaning for the next Monday. I’ve also used them on a few other properties and they have done great work.

Tim Karels

Julie Oconnor

I have used Best Choice and recommend them to all clients. I Conduct Estate Sales in homes and after the client moves out and all the traffic that comes thru the carpets can be pretty bad. It is amazing how great they look after Best Choice cleans. Even the realtor has asked me who I use.

Julie Oconnor

Vanessa Boy

Could not be more pleased with the carpet cleaning and the removal of a huge water leak brown stain… Huge kudos to Chad and his company. Great guy and an amazing job he did for us!!!!!

Vanessa Boy

Tony Erickson

We have been using Best Choice for the past couple years for our rentals properties. They are prompt and provide an excellent service. Highly recommend them!

Tony Erickson

Jen Brinks

WOW! That was fantastic! We needed to have our 2nd bedroom cleaned since we’re turning it into a nursery. We had them do our master bedroom carpet as well. They were fast, efficient, professional and the carpet looks amazing! I HIGHLY recommend Best Choice Cleaning!

Jen Brinks

Jason Madsen

I wouldn’t use anyone else! Very professional, respectful, and always on time. They go above and beyond. Highly recommend them!

Jason Madsen

Seri Norberg

Basement flooded. Chad arrived within an hour, assessed the situation, vacuumed up water, and started cutting the carpet in pieces for removal. He set up fans and and a dehumifier. He then arranged for a garbage truck to stop by to toss in the carpeting, a ruined couch and area rug. All of this was before noon! Now that’s customer service!

Seri Norberg

Sue Broveak

Fast and fabulous is how I describe Best Choice. The carpets look great and done in less time than schedule. Great job. Highly recommend.

Sue Broveak

Robin Schlimgen

We have 4 kids and two dogs so needless to say it’s a busy house and there are a few mishaps. Called up Best Choice Cleaning and they responded quickly and had an opening within the next week. Everyone was very friendly and they worked efficiently. Love my clean, like new again, carpets!!!!! Thanks Best Choice Cleaning!

Robin Schlimgen

Jonathan Griego

There name suites them well! On New Years day my basement flooded due to the city lines. Best was fast to the rescue, with there team in full force. They are very professional, and friendly. I highly recommend them!!! Thank you again BEST for your service!

Jonathan Griego

Safe, Hypo-allergenic Low-scented Products

At Best Choice Carpet Cleaning, our state of the art equipment matters, especially special project equipment for services like water damage. We know from experiences that it is a relief for our clients to rest easy knowing you have an expert coming into your home with special tools and products to help you. 


Our products are top of the line, environmentally friendly, and are safe for your children and pets. Every decision we make to partner with a carpet cleaning product revolves around our commitment to you, our number one priority, our client.